Cole is a lucky boy. He was rescued from a dangerous alley in Ontario, with 5 other
kitties. He drank dirty water, ate scraps and dodged dogs, cats and cars. This was
especially difficult for him because he has four deformed legs. He can’t jump very high
or run as fast as the other cats, but he has a huge personality and spunk!
The people who were looking to adopt a special needs kitty drove 30 miles to meet him.
They fell in love with his sweet disposition.
In Cole’s new home his parents strategically placed stairs so that he could climb up to
look out windows, and nap on the bed. He enjoys hanging out with this new older
brother, Licky.
His parents loved Purrfect Partners so much that a couple of months later they adopted a
kitten named Bear. Cole and Bear are best buddies. Their parents built a “Catio”
attached to a window, so that all of the cats can go outdoors safely whenever they want.
Cole and Bear are loved, cared for, safe and have a wonderful forever home.

About Us

Our History

PURRfect Partners was formed in 1998 by two cat lovers from the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The current executive director, Debbie Harder, with the help of a few devoted volunteers, continue to rescue, foster and place hundreds of cats and kittens in wonderful new homes.
PURRfect Partners helps to educate the public about proper cat care, and how spaying and neutering saves lives by reducing the number of unwanted and homeless animals.

We believe our work makes a difference in our South Bay community, bringing people together to care for and consider the welfare of cats and other animals.
Our volunteers foster approximately 50 cats at any given time, providing the care, training and security necessary to get them ready for adoption. These include newborns, kittens, cats with disabilities, senior cats and those with other special needs.