Short Hair Domestic

Mama Mia

Type: Domestic short Hair

Age: Cat

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Color: Tabby

House Trained: Yes

Health: Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered

Meet Mama Mia

Meet Mama Mia, she is about a year and half old and came to me 10 days after giving birth to 6 adorable baby kittens. She has shown to be one amazing kitty. Super affectionate and never seems fazed by the changes around here. The first day she was at my house she was purring and rubbing her head against me. We recently found out she is FIV positive (feline immunodeficiency virus) and for this it basically comes down to their immune system is not as strong as a non-FIV cat would be. This is not a deadly disease or one or other animals outside of cats can catch. It is recommended that they be solo cats or with other FIV positive cats. Being kept indoors, fed healthy meals and up to date with medical she can live a long live into her geriatric days. If she does get sick it might mean she needs stronger meds or extra vet visits. Most cats who are FIV positive tend to have very normal lives. Overall Mama Mia has a long and wonderful life ahead of her. If you meet her you will totally fall in love with her demeanor and personality. She is such a wonderful cat and deserves a wonderful home to be dotted on and loved for the rest of her life. For more information call/text Nicole at 360-941-6763

Good in a home with:

Dogs, cats, children, and other animals. 

Any significant medical or life history would be found here. 

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Hi Future Home!

I’m looking for loving pet owners. A place where I feel safe, fed good food and have plenty of affection and care. I can live up to 20 years. Sometimes things happen and I will need care from a veterinarian. I hope you consider all these things and me!

I look forward to meeting you!


Love, Mama Mia

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